You Need to Know How Much It Costs to Clear a Container in Jamaica

Here’s How Much Does It Costs to Clear a Container in Jamaica

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Acquiring the necessary information for shipping is very important for preparation, do you know how much it costs to clear a container in Jamaica? FIND OUT

You Need to Know How Much It Costs to Clear a Container in Jamaica

Shipping goods back and forth between Jamaica and the UK has become quite efficient as an everyday occurrence. When you need to ship goods, here’s how much it does cost to clear a container in Jamaica.

First, you will need to understand customs and the valuation process, when to store the container at a warehouse, what paperwork is needed to clear customs, and finally understand the various duties and fees, and be prepared to pay.



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Customs Valuation Process

Importing Goods

The Jamaica Customs Agency works within the World Customs Organisation WCO standards.

You will want to be sure to retain store receipts, bank receipts, wire transfers, credit or debit card receipts, and any email correspondences that show the value of your items. Valuations are completed as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that Customs has the right to doubt the truth or accuracy of the information submitted and is obligated to notify the importer of how the value was determined.

Store Container at Warehouse

When You Need Storage

Sometimes you cannot pick up your container immediately, and this requires an added fee for storage at the warehouse.

When goods are entered for warehousing, an application for permission to warehouse the goods and a bond of a determined amount must accompany the customs entry. Customs will then authorise the items to be stored in the warehouse.

Paperwork to Clear Customs

Have Documents Ready

Clearing customs doesn’t have to be a tedious and long process, so long as you have all of the necessary paperwork. These necessary documents include the consignee’s Tax Registration Number TRN, a valid ID, shipping documents such as an Order or Bill of Lading, supplier’s invoice, packing list, insurance certificate, certificate of origin, dangerous goods certificate, import licence, food/health certificate, tax compliance certificate.

If you are clearing on someone’s else behalf, you will need a signed and stamped authorisation letter from a Justice of the Peace. Any photocopied documents must be signed and stamped by the JP.

Prepare to Pay Fees

Custom fees

Clearing a container through customs is going to require payment of duties and fees. When you are clearing a barrel, there is a flat rate charge of JMD $6,500.00. A container is assessed similarly but with different rates. Some of the duties, taxes and fees for imported items include an import duty/customs duty, stamp duty, additional stamp duty ASD, general consumption tax GCT and Special Consumption Tax SCT, Standard Compliance Fee SCF, Customs Administrative Fee CAF, processing forms, cost, incurance and freight CIF, and an environmental levy. There may also be a landing fee, handling and storage fees, and import fees to be paid.

The Stamp Duty is payable on all receipts resulting from payments of duties. There are two fixed amounts charged based on the CIF value of goods. For goods JA$5,500 or less, you will pay JA$5.00. If above JA$5,500, you will pay JA$100.00.

The ASD is payable on specific items such as some meat, aluminium, alcohol, or cigarettes. This rate varies depending on the item. The GCT has two categories: general and special consumption tax.

The GCT is applicable to all items except for zero-rated items and exempted items with current rates of 16.5% on personal items and 21.5% on commercial items. The SCT is applicable to alcohol, most tobacco products and some petroleum items. SCT rates vary.

The CAF Customs Administration Fee is a two-part fee: The Examination Fee eCAF and the Processing Fee pCAF. The eCAF is payable based on the size or type of package being imported. On container shipments, your eCAF will be J$2500, while containers of 20, 40-feet or larger may be from J$20,000 to J$25,000. The pCAF will vary based on the type of document being used to process the shipment. These range from J$1,500.00 to J$2,500.00 for personal shipments and $55,000.00 for vehicles.

The SCF Standard Compliance Fee is collected by customs on behalf of the Bureau of Standards and is applicable on all goods that require quality control or regulation of standards at a rate of .3% calculated on CIF value.

The Cost, Insurance and Freight CIF cost is the total cost of goods abroad including exfactory price, commission, markup and inland freight but excludes sales tax and interest. For
goods arriving by sea, the insurance charge is 1.5% of the total cost and freight.

The Environmental Levy ENVL is applicable on all items that have an impact on the environment at a rate of .5% calculated on CIF value.

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